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Traveling is always a great idea

Owner, Accustomed Travel Consulting

Founded in 2017, I took my years of planning experience to merge two of my greatest passions: traveling and helping people. 

Seeing the emergence of super excursions costing thousands of dollars and the difficulty that was had trying to book and organize trips,  I recognized the opportunity to work with people who wanted to travel in a way that was their own. 

Accustomed Travel Consulting aims to act as your personal travel consultant providing the you with strategic travel planning and customized itineraries to fit three key areas that directly impact your travel decisions: Your interests. Your needs. Your budget. 

With every trip I help plan, a donation to  Too Fly Passport Fundraiser is made. The non profit aims to creatively raise money for passports, resources, and tools needed to help broaden the horizons for the next generation of leaders.