somewhat of an Event Expert, possibly part Noir Unicorn, a little bit of a World traveler, But all parts Brittany 

In my thirty years of life I have lived in several places, done several things and along the way I finally figured out how to take several pieces to turn them into peace. Somewhere between I want it and I got it, I found a space to pursue my passions and more importantly create them. From 9 to Life I aim to exist in the intersection between my wants and God's plans for me. Being an introverted extrovert helped me become a Faux Serial Socialite. I am deeply in love with  finding ways to help people, especially by connecting them to others. Who you know can be just as important if not more than what you know.  

I've always heard that a person has to choose between being well known or being worth knowing. I choose to be both.  

I started my blog in hopes of inspiring people to not only try new things and go new places, but to help give you resources and information to do it. I’m a believer of living in your “and”. It’s the space between who you are and the many roles that God has given you to play. It’s that conjunction to your purpose.

Most importantly, my favorite color is black.  I wear a lot of gold. Unicorns are real.  I believe perfect eyebrows are a priority. Cardi B is a superhero and her weave is her cape.  


Brittany B