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A collection of my writings from various platforms. 


Photo by  William Stitt  on  Unsplash

Epic FaB Girl: The Process of Purpose

We often read a lot of think pieces that explains what happens after you find your purpose. But what happens in the midst of the storm? 

photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash that

photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash that

Medium: 12 Events for the Young Black Professional 

Trying to max out those PTO days? Forget the nights you won't remember with the people you won't forget? Check out 12 events you should check out in 2018


The 405: hip hop book club

Read my article on the 405 highlighting Dallas-based event curators Hip Hop Book Club. Learn how this group of gentlemen are changing the way that we listen to some of our most classic albums. 

medium: 2018 i'm not Fcking playing with you

Just when I thought this year was great, I got a reality check that it wasn't. I'm tired of focusing on growth and plan to do something a little different to make every year my year. 

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BYOB Society: Manage Up- key ways on how how to manage your boss at work

Have you ever wondered how to have a real conversation with your boss on how to manage you? Read these tips on how to have open communiction on how your performance management. 

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Medium: Oh no kim baby, what is you doin?

Recently Kim K took to her social media with feeling entitled to tell WOC and others to get over racist remarks by renowned makeup artist Jeffree Star. It's problematic. 

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Epic Fab Girl: A Girl's Guide to Dating Herself

Having been single for a while, I had to learn to date again. During this process I learned that I should have been dating myself all along. 

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melanin travel: the notorious challenges of group trips

As a planner of trips that are large and small and can take you domestically or internationally, group travel can be a headache if you let it. I drop some gems of getting over the stress if you are a DIY type of person. 


The 405: Black Girl Magic Series I

Part one of the three part series discusses the creation and evolution of Black Girl Magic touching on my own feelings as well as testimonials and experiences of others. 


The 405: Black Girl Magic Series II

Entitled the Sour Lemons We Are Dealt, part two discusses the hardship that Black women face not only from the media, but inside our own community. Pulling from social media and interviews, we dig deeper into the scaring of our women. 


the 405: Black Girl Magic Series III

All struggles deserve resolution. As part one and two dove into the thought of Black women, we pulled in our men for part three to get their views and attempt to find the path to reconcilliation. 

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The BRKN Co: From Pieces to Peace

Change is inevitable, but some changes can shake us to our core. I had the pleasure of interviewing well renowned therapist Rwenshaun Miller on how he found his purpose in catastrophe. 


Blavity: A 10-Step Guide to acknowledging your Success, told through drake lyrics

Not everyone is going to acknowledge your success let alone want you to celebrate them either. Inspired by my friend Brandon Miller, I developed a 10-step guide to humbly talking your sh*t. 

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Blavity: Adult etiquette 101

Unfortunately some people needed to be reminded of etiquette for attending events such as BBQs, dinners, and other gatherings. Take a read from my tidbits as a fake serial socialite based on personal experiences and horror stories from friends. 

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Mosaic:The Damns You Shouldn't Be Giving

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters has been making waves in the media speaking in the media and in the meantime has taught me a valuable lesson. 

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The BullshitIst: My 30 for 30

As the craziness of 2016 came to a close, I originally wanted the whole year to go in rice. I took a step back to appreciate the good things and to use some dope gifs in between. 


Medium: Groupme and the black millennial 

I use GroupMe for everything. Planning trips, parties, and general happenings in our community. Utilizing a recent study from Nielsen and my own experiences, I examine how the mobile app has built a digital meet and greet space for young Black millennials.