Cocktails with Claire

When I heard that Claire Sulmers was coming to Dallas, I knew I had to be in attendance. 

Sulmers who is Director of renowned fashion blog @fashionbombdaily and author of The Bomb Life was scheduled to make her appearance in Dallas. Traveling to various cities nationwide, her Cocktails with Claire tour partners with local business owners in that market to create a unique experience for each event. The series brings out entrepreneurs, influencers, business owners, and others alike to partake in an afternoon of socializing and gems of advice. 

The Dallas stop was hosted by Kenya Mills of the noted K Mills Collection. Mills,  an entrepreneur, and fashion designer has clothed various music artists and those in the entertainment field, including Sulmers herself. The goal of her collection is to create pieces that would make a woman feel sexy but that is not too revealing. Her clothing focuses heavily on sophistication and elegance of the discerning woman.  

@symphonyyyy and I at the Cocktails with Claire event

@symphonyyyy and I at the Cocktails with Claire event

Guests were adorned in all white at the swanky Uptown restaurant Sambuca enjoying live music and an open atmosphere.  Sulmers and Mills  were joined by Mahisha Dellinger of Curls, Arnita Johnson of Luxurious Credit, Jacque M of Shop Jacque M, and Destiny Gill of Vanity Life Stuido for a informative panel. Moderated by DeDe McGuire of local Dallas radio, the group of successful women offered their life stories and paths to success based on the question McGuire presented. 

Seeing a group of all-star women that looked like me and some that had similar socioeconomic backgrounds as myself was nothing less than inspiring. They each brought a wealth of knowledge to the event, but these were by far some of my favorite #tidbitts of advice: 

  • Always diversify. Always continue to grow. Don't give in to the fear of trying something new. Be confident. Be Bold. Be fearless in God's Plan for you- Claire
  • Use your social media to impact, not impress- Mahisha
  • Don't despise your humble beginnings- Jacque 
  • Start where you are today and grind where you need to be- Mahisha

For more pictures as well as Claire's outlook on the event, visit Fashion Bomb Daily

Brittany Bullock