A Day With Chef McBay

Food is as essential to the soul as friendship is. When you can have both at the same time, you are truly full. 


I was lucky enough to be one of the chosen few to be invited to a private tasting brunch hosted by Chef Gabrielle McBay. She brought together local bloggers, influencers, and close friends for a cooking demo featuring a few of her favorite breakfast dishes. Gabrielle, who has been seen in the likes of Forbes Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine and The New York Times, is also the owner of her very own catering business Ellements Company. When we talk about Black Girl Magic, this is it.

Gabrielle, or McBae as I call her, hosted this intimate gathering at a local test kitchen that gave the attendees the feel of a Food Network stage. The eager audience was perky as the aroma of honey,  brown sugar and bacon was in the air. The chef poured our glasses to the brim with champagne and walked us through a very important feature item on the menu...grits. 

If you have ever made grits from scratch then you know it is a real art. Instant grits are not real and if you have them in your house, the garbage can should come next. I can absolutely say that Gabrielle agrees with this fact because after discovering quick grits at a local supermarket, she sent a letter of disproval of its existence on the shelf. 

The most important thing of this post...the grits. 

The most important thing of this post...the grits. 

Gabrielle gave us her tips for grits which include cooking in chicken stock, using Land O' Lakes butter, and mascarpone cheese and to make sure you constantly stir.  Although she shreds fresh cheddar to put in the dish, the addition of the mascarpone makes the grits "silky and sexy."  When I got to the taste the bowl of yellow goodness I can see where the silk and the sex came in. 

Post brunch, Chef Gabrielle let us in on some insider information on projects she is working on.  In fact, that same day she was going to cater the private tent for Dru Hill at a festival. Having started her pastry company in high school, her years of experience show in her dedication and the quality she produces. Now at the age of 25, her accomplishments are as long if not more as those of her peers twice her age. The next year will hold a lot for Gabrielle and the one thing we know for certain is that she has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. 

For more information on Chef Gabrielle or if you are interested in her services, please visit her website. You can also view her Instagram to see her adventures and visuals of her amazing food at @gabriellemcbay

Fun facts about our Chef: 

Stampede 66 is one of her favorite spots for drinks. You can regularly find her at the hole in the wall Two Podners. Her favorite fried chicken is at Henderson's. 

*all photos taken by me on Sony a5100 camera


Brittany Bullock