Major Ski Alert

Vacationing for my group of friends typically means a beach, warm weather, and something foreign. After months of not having a large group trip, FOMO started to sit in and members of #thelifeofpaBLOW started to get antsy. It was time. It was a Major Ski Alert. 

Traveling in from our respective states for a weekend of fun in no sun, we hit the slopes in what may be one of the most melanin-filled weekends that Camelback Resort in the Poconos had ever seen. We piled off of our chartered bus with bags of snacks, beverages, and more beverages to make our way to our kick-off party that included a gourmet buffet of Popeye's Chicken. Personally, that was in my top five experiences for the weekend. 

The schedule was filled with our usual antics such as Don't Hate the Playa, Hate the Game night for dominoes, and taboo. Our family reunion style trip was the perfect time prove your worth in the spades tournament. Love and BaSKIball Party let people pull the throwback jerseys and sportswear from the back of their closet in honor of All-Star Weekend. 

Although short, the weekend was nostalgic. From listening to our favorite music from various eras and having dinner together daily, it reminded us why we were friends. It was an escape to just be in the moment and enjoy our youth once more. Take it from me, live for these moments. They are your best. 


@bea_nick, @courtcourt32, @mofo_

@bea_nick, @courtcourt32, @mofo_

Brittany Bullock