National Noodle Month 

  • Monkey King Noodle

  • TEN

  • Gung Ho

  • Asian Mint

National Peanut Month

  • Rustic (Peanut Butter Pie)

  • Spiral Diner (Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake)

  • Dallas Grilled Cheese (PB&J)

March 2nd: National Banana Cream Pie Day

  • Emporium Pies

  • R+D Kitchen

  • Val’s Cheesecake (Banana Pudding Cheesecake. I know it’s not a pie but it’s damn good)

March 3rd: National Moscow Mule Day

  • Midnight Rambler

  • Happiest Hour

  • Parliment

  • Tipsy Alchemist (Smoking Old Fashioned)

  • Bowen House

  • Hide

  • Lounge Here

  • Blatt Beer

March 4th: National Pound Cake Day

  • Cretias Bakery

  • Nothing Bundt Cake

  • Cake Bar

March 9th: National Meatball Day

  • Neighborhood Services

  • Fachini

  • Henry’s Majestic

  • Doc B’s

  • Jimmy’s Food Store

March 9th: National Crab Day

  • Trulucks

  • Amberjax

  • Dallas Fish Market

  • Aw Shucks

March 11th: National Eat Your Noodles Day

  • Monkey King Noodle

  • TEN

  • Gung Ho

  • Asian Mint

March 14th: National Pie Day

  • Emporium Pies

  • Kessler Pie Co (Mellow Yellow)

  • Mz G’s House of Pies

  • Commissary (On Wednesdays after 5 pm Pie is $1 with your dinner)

March 18th: National Sloppy Joe Day

  • Dallas Grilled Cheese (Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese)

  • Bowen House

  • Offsite Kitchen

March 19th: National Poultry Day

  • Street’s Fine Chicken (Peri Peri Chicken)

  • Chicken Scratch (Pecan Rotisserie Chicken)

  • Mike’s Chicken (Fried Chicken)

  • Paul Martin’s American Grill (Brick Chicken)

  • Uchiba (Chicken Thigh)

  • Chief Papa Bears (Fried Chicken)

  • Babes Chicken House

  • Ozarks (Chicken Fried Steak)

March 20th: National Ravioli Day

  • Sprezza (Raviolo)

  • Holy Ravioli

  • Ciao! By Civello’s

  • St. Rocco’s

  • Nonna

March 24th: National Cocktail Day

  • Tipsy Alchemist (Living The Island Life)

  • Parliament

  • Lounge Here (Gold Rush)

  • Felix Culpa (Bootsy Collins)

  • Billy Can Can

  • Tiny Victories

  • Izkina

  • Bowen House

March 30th: National Hot Chicken Day

  • Helen’s Hot Chicken

  • Mike’s Chicken

  • Ida Claire

  • Brick and Bones