Blanc & Bougie: Diner En Blanc 2017

Does it look like we got left off bad and bougie?

@kiabenion @thatguybmills @chanlo @symphonyyy (missing is @jeffaraoh he was running around being social) -- pic by D Magazine

@kiabenion @thatguybmills @chanlo @symphonyyy (missing is @jeffaraoh he was running around being social) -- pic by D Magazine

Over the past few years, my schedule and Diner en Blanc have hated one another. Between traveling or a wedding, it wasn't happening. I was pleasantly surprised (actually more like in a deep state of self-shock) that after all this time I was able to not only attend but go with some of the greatest people I know. My little bougie dreams were flashing right before my eyes. 

What was also becoming apparent was a list of things that would be needed to be completed to pull this off:  ordering a table, chairs (thanks IKEA for being out of white chairs until the day after the event), a menu, and more importantly an outfit. I've said this before and I will say it again unless required I. Don't. Wear. All. White. It will forever remind me of a family reunion gathering and I'm also clumsy to be quite honest.  I did what any other smart person would do and get on Pinterest to look for ideas but didn't see much that was actually helpful but don't worry I GOT YALL (Issa Voice) 


Luckily for our group, our friend Kia had been many times before in Chicago and was also one of the table leaders for this year's dinner. A lot of this dinner is about the style, the food, and the wine but it is more about your #squad. The people you will plan, prep, and attend with will determine your time to an extent. The work leading up to it and the day of the event is a lot of fun when you have great friends around you.

To prepare for the dinner we spent a few hours between The Dollar Tree and Thrift stores getting decor for the table. If you have just a group of two and have white plates at home then you can save some money but with six of us, we decided to split the purchase up and get everything.  The Dollar Tree always has white plates, plastic and glass champagne glasses, platters, and decor for a low price considering that everything is $1.

All of us are more DIYers so we opted for making our food instead of using the catering options available. We were able to collaborate to put together a cohesive menu that was an appetizer style dinner. Guest don't know the location until arrival and with the possibility of a long walk, we chose food that was easily transportable and didn't have to be eaten warm. Tea sandwiches, charcuterie board full of great cheeses and meats, crudité platter (it's really just a veggie tray but since we are being bougie and I like saying crudité it's crudité today baby) and mini creme brulee to name a few items. You will receive a list of menu ideas in Diner En Blanc Guide.  Unfortunately, the dinner is not BYOB so we had to order our wine from the online store. to be picked up at the dinner site. 

On the day of the event we arrived with packed bags ready to load the bus. The ride cloaked in mystery led us to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. We unloaded eager to get the party set up to drink and dine in our all white. As tables and floral arrangements started to come together the sea of all white was a perfect backdrop to sitting outside in perfect weather. In those moments the worries of life were traded in for peacefulness. 


We spent the night bouncing from table to table as well as visiting sponsored areas from Southwest and Lincoln. After the traditional napkin wave, we headed to the dance floor for the musical stylings of Notorious BIG and Cardi B.  We went back to our section to use our last bit of energy to clean up to head back on the bus. Very much exhausted by the end of the night, I'm thankful for my experience and more so for the people that I got to share it with. 

If you have the chance to attend a dinner I suggest you do. Grab a friend, get in your all white, and try something you haven't done before. If you recall earlier in this post I said that a lot of the resources I found were not that good. I have one for you that's awesome. Check out my Blanc & Bougie guide for dining in white. I hope that this will help you plan your first DEB or your next all-white party in your home. 



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