Cosign Awards 2017

So what you're telling me is that you have never been to a gala so you just decided to throw one...ok. 


I had the pleasure of meeting K.G. at  Cosign Weekend Experience here in Dallas. Various creatives and others were featured over a course of a four-day weekend of events. When I met him I had no idea that we would end up becoming friends let alone that he would have me on stage in front of 300 people to present an award. Funny how life happens. 

Ironically K.G. has never been to a gala in his life. As owner of a magazine and media company I was shocked that this has never happened however I give him kudos for not only putting one together but doing it for the culture. Instead of a regular ball or event, he did it for the culture. He gave people a platform to not only be recognized by their peers but to be awarded for their hard work. 

The team at Cosign opened the floodgates for people to nominate their peers for sixteen different categories varying from music to beauty. 2,000 emails later, 64 people were chosen to be voted on as winners of the inaugural event.  Over 200 guests walked into the Crown Plaza downtown dressed to the nines to not only celebrate the nominees but to give a head nod to Cosign for their efforts in recognizing the achievements of black and brown people in creative spaces. 

I was fortunate enough to be able to give an award to my dear friend Channing of CNK daily for the journalism category. As a #tidbittsofadvice if you ever have to get in front of a large crowd, drink a few Henny margaritas and all is well in the world. 

Salute to K.G. for noticing the void in our community and filling it. Countless texts and conversations about your nerves and the event were eased at the success you had that night. I look forward to next year. Cheers to you! 


Brittany B

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