Barre & Bites New Year's Soiree

You can't do Barre without a bar. 



The first of the year brings new goals for a lot of people. It goes without saying that a lot of goals revolve around fitness and "getting snatched." Considering that I fell off during the holiday(s) with my eating and workout routine, I am right there along with most people. Recognizing that some of us needed help jump-starting our workout goals, the ladies of Barre and Bites kicked off the New Year with a pop up event that set us staight. 

The Barre and Bites hostess are blogger and fitness junkies Ginger and Jana. The duo started these pop up events to make Barre classes less inimidating and of course more fun. Their first event of the new year was at the swanky AC Hotel in Downtown Dallas. Fourty women came together to do a strenious, but impactful workout out led by Jana. I for one made the mistake of working out before class so to say my muscles were in overdrive is an understatement. 

The ladies showed their creativity not only by use of the AC lobby and having Barre in their bar, but partnering with Sparkling Ice as a sponsor and using the  bottles carbohydrated beverages as weights for the workout. After a few rounds, they were heavier than you  might think. 

We cooled down after the workout with a nice champagne toast and assorment of various snacks which gave guests the opportunity to socialize and relax before heading upstairs for chair massages and facials. There were also vendors to shop for workout attire and goodie bags stuffed with workout essentials. 

This was one of the more creative workout classes that I have been to. If you haven't done barre before, warm up your muscles, take a deep breath, and get ready to get active. They can be intense but are one of my favorite types of classes to take for full body workouts. 

Too see more pictures of the event, search  #barreandbites on Instagram as well as follow @barreandbites for upcoming events. 


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