Day of Caring with Devote[D} Foundation

Service is the rent we pay for the privelege of living on this earth-Shirley Chisholm


If I could pin point one thing outside of academics that my dad was serious about was the desire to serve others. Regardless of how much or at times how little we had he truly believed in helping other people. From cooking meals and delivering them to helping people build houses he did it. On Thanksgiving and other holidays he ensured that we not only went to see family but also spent time with those who may not have had family or even a place to call home. I hope to continue doing this for my life span and maybe even on day passing on this tradition to my kids (which are far far far away)

Being that I love getting in the community I was elated to have the opportunity to volunteer with local foundation Devote[D]. I met the founder, Desiree Lindsey, shortly after I moved to Dallas when we went to tea (yes, actual tea) with mutual friends. To be honest she may be one of the nicest souls I have ever met so when she told me about the non-profit I knew it was something this world needed. Her foundation looks to assist those in need to regain resources necessary through restoration and love with the help of volunteers in the Dallas community. 

For this service effort in particular I was highly intrigued because Valentine's Day happens to be one of my favorite days during whole year. It's right next to Thanksgiving in my book.  We handed out pink and red bags filled with hand written cards, snacks, and a toothbrush with toothpaste. While walking around we encountered a man that  asked the most simple yet powerful question a person can ask

Will you all pray for me?

The gentleman had been on the streets since 2003 (for those not quick at math thats 15 years. One Five. FIFTEEN.) He had struggled with alcohol addiction but finally had been sober for months and got an ID to be able to go to a shelter. We stood in front of the library praying over him before parting ways. 

Selfishly I never think to volunteer or do for others outside of friends/significant other/etc for this day not realizing how all people need sometimes is just to feel special, not matter their current circumstance.  Some people didn't even realize that it was coming up because they don't get the joy of celebrating moments like Valentine's Day. This day changed my perspective and made me realize how much more I could be doing. 

If interested in volunteering or donating to the Deveote[D] Foundation visit their website or their instagram at @dvtdfoundation

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