Date Night In Dallas


In the age of pre-coffee date meetups and the never ending $200 date trending topic we are often force fed sour realities of what it means to actually go on a date. There tends to be a looming cloud of doing too much, not getting played and more that muddy the waters of the dating pool. What happens when you actually decide after date two or three you may really like this person? I have several of my guy friends that have a plethora of answers for first and second date options but not much after that. This is usually when they tap me and ask for recommendations to not embarrass themselves.

During this time you may not be quite ready to drop a bag but you want to step up your game and move away from Happy Hour and Top Golf. (nothing is wrong with Top Golf btw but sometimes we need to do better)

Here are some of my top pics of Hidden Gems in Dallas perfect for a date night with your significant other, bae, favorite side piece, or possibly even get you out of the friend zone. ***

* I am not responsible if you don’t leave the 9th circle of hell ie the friend zone.

** I often frequent these places so you may see me * eye emoji*



Hand down Musume is one of my favorite places to go to in Dallas. There are not many restaurants that I’ve constantly went back to in Dallas but this is one of them. The staff is just as amazing as the food. From the outside it could seem like the average upscale restaurant but what makes this place special is there is a hidden Speak Easy in the back of the restaurant called AKAI. You have to get escorted by staff through the kitchen and a few sets of doors. Upon arrival the guard opens up to let you in to a whole new world. If you are really looking to impress someone with a great meal, ambiance and a wow factor this is definitely it.

My suggestion: The menu is designed to try a few different things. Order a couple plates and followed up with a show at the orchestra or symphony. Both are right in walking distance. Just when your date thinks the night is over, go back for late night drinks at AKAI and the shock factor of the journey.

Find out more about Musume here



For those of us who live in Downtown Dallas a drive to Garland is FAR AF… except if you’re in the car with someone you like then its cool or whatever. Lounge here is a specialty cocktail bar. The chic decor and dim lit atmosphere give off a lot of vibes.

My suggestion: “Get Dressed. I’m Taking You to Dinner” followed by flowers and a fire playlist on the way there. Order one of their craft cocktails or ask for the Original French 75 and change out the gin for cognac. If you want to go the extra step, book a luxury car via eCarra, a Black-Owned ride sharing company

Find out more about Lounge Here here


This is one of Dallas’s newest spots. The 60s style supper club not only has an amazing vibe, the perfectly curated cocktail menu makes it worth the trip alone. The restaurant also has live jazz music that pairs perfectly with dinner.

My Suggestion: Have cocktails on the rooftop prior to dinner. Amazing views of the Uptown and the Dallas skyline. Their peach bourban cocktail is my favorite so far. Plan it out so that you have plenty of time to enjoy conversation before heading downstairs to the dimly lit club part for dinner and live music.

Find out more about the Clover Club here



This spirts den has been named one of the best by D Magazine and so has their bartender. Located in a small nook in Sylvan 30 is the perfect hideaway. If you are looking for a place strictly for conversations and cocktails then this is it. Its dark but comfortable. Relax on the leather couch, the bar or a small table for intimate moments.

My Suggestion: In my opinion this is a good starter or in between place. Begin your night here working your way through their craft cocktail menu before heading to dinner. The Charles and Town Hearth are in the area and both are top choices on my list for dinner. If you have time between dinner and another activity its also a good layover trip.

Find out more about the Jettison here

mille lire.PNG


Next to Musume, this is another frequently visited restaurant of mine. The preparation of the food as well as the overall presentation (think glass domes, puffs that ooze out cheese and more) is genuinely impressive. The menu changes almost daily as well as seasonally based off what ingredients are fresh. They print out new menus everyday to change out dishes and suggested wines.

My Suggestion: The ambiance of this restaurant is both welcoming and whimsical. Due to the heaviness of freshly made pasta and other dishes I definitely would pick this place as a one stop shop for dinner, drinks, and dessert. Similar to Lounge Here it can be another “get dressed, we are going out” type of night. Have the classically trained sommelier pair your wines for you for each course or make a specialty cocktail. The lamb meatball app is one of my favorites when available.

Find out more about Mille Lire here




Right in our own backyard is a plethora of wineries and vineyards in Grapevine. Delaney Farms was once a cotton farm but for the last 23 years has been a farm dedicated to pruning grapes. The land is beautiful and the best part… the guided tour with a tasting is only $11.

My Suggestion: Pack a picnic basked with a few snacks that you can keep in the car o trunk hidden on ice. After the tour is over pick out one of the wines that you both enjoyed to drink outside. Run to the car and get the basket and boom wine and dine at the vineyard. If a picnic isn’t your thing or the weather is not on your side Nosh & Bottle is about 15 minutes away and you can keep the wine party going.

Find out more about Delaney Vineyard here


If your date is more of someone who likes to get hands on and active as well as a foodie The Cookery gives you both. The classes are designed to teach you international, seasonal, and fresh dishes. You learn how to make four different courses over glasses of wine. The setting is perfect for learning something new together, using team work, and organic conversation. * please laugh at the organic pun because I did *

My suggestion: The class is honestly full circle and you don’t need much more. As a later date, go to the store and buy the ingredients to see if you can recreate the dishes at home with each other.

Find out more about The Cookery and their Classes here


A museum date may seem like super ordinary but this is far from it. Social Sciences at the Perot Museum turn it into an interactive adults-only playground. There are innovative experiments, live performances and more. Roam the museum with a cocktail in your hand and see it how you’ve never seen it before.

My Suggestion: Eat dinner at the Wolfgang Puck prior to the event starting. Plan around the events going on based on what interests you and your date. The entire event is a little over 3 hours so you might want to make sure you really like this person before you go. If you want to keep the party going, head over to the Midnight Rambler in The Joule Hotel or grab drinks in the swanky Mirador

Find out more about Social Science Here

Photo Taken from the Nasher Sculpter Center Website

Photo Taken from the Nasher Sculpter Center Website


All dates don’t have to be dress it up and make it real for me to be good. Art + Food + Movies can be wrapped up all in one here at late Nights at the Nasher. On Friday’s during the summer the Nasher Sculpture Center opens it’s doors for patrons to look at the art prior to watching the evening’s theater selection.

My Suggestion: Grab an old blanket or buy a cheap one from Ross or TJ Maxx. Food and drink has to be purchased there and can’t be brought in to the event. Walk the museum and find a great place on the lawn. Cash out on tacos, wine, and dessert.

Find out more about the ‘till Midnight at the Nasher here



So let me preface this and say… this is dropping some money. Triple the $200 date argument. So if your bae has read this and put it on the wish list don’t shoot the messenger ie me. This really is the wild care to pull out if you are going all in or got some serious making up to do. The Epic Wine Tours will take you and your date on an intimate ride to the Cadillac Wines for a tasting. Included in the price is the ride itself, sommelier led tasting and two bottles of wine to take home plus crystal glasses.

My Suggestion: If you’re about it…go do it. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

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