BSIDE Worth Knowing Volume 8: The Football Guy


Faith. Family. Football. This is what Brandon is all about. 

Deemed as a regular kid from Indianapolis, IN, He grew up extremely passionate about sports, specifically the game of football; He's continued to find a way to leverage his love for the game, to make a living & an impact on others.

B-Rob attended  Indiana University (with Brittan so he's lucky) on a football scholarship graduation with a degree in Sports Broadcasting. Post college he went on to pursue a professional football career in the Canadian Football League & Arena Football League. Parallel to his football career, he relentlessly built meaningful relationships, that would create opportunities outside of sport. After 5 seasons of pro football, he was extremely blessed & fortunate to land a job with Nike, Inc.

He started his career with Nike, Inc in Chicago, IL as an EKIN (Nike spelled backwards...If you don't know what an EKIN is, I strongly suggest you look it up. BEST job on the planet). Continuing to thrive on his passion for football, he was quickly relocated to Dallas, TX to work as a Football Brand Marketing specialist. After spending 2 years in the role, he was then promoted to Football Brand Manager for the Central Region, still based in Dallas, TX.

What you may not know about Brandon

"I am the biggest momma's boy on earth! She's like my very own Tasha Mack from The Game".

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