Shoutout to The Rookie and the Vet: Coachella 2018

The Capital B means I'm 'bout that Life


For the last two years, I have had to let go of my Coachella tickets. Year one I had just moved to Dallas and started at my company and timing was off. Year two, I was on a project and my boss basically was like hell to the nah. With knowing that Beyonce was headling for sure It seemed like this had to be it. This was the year. I told myself in 2018 if I did nothing else, I was making it to Coachella and that is exactly what I did. I made it to the promised lands of Coachella, California to hang up my rookie and retirement jersey all in one. 

I've been to festivals across the US and I don't think any of them have left me with such an effervescent feeling (or as tired) as 'chella. It is an expansive playground filled with people happy to be alive. Between the music, the parties, and the environment life is better than good. 

My house kicked off our Weekend 1 experience by hitting Adventure Park in Disney. What better way to start off your festival vacation by getting margaritas and doing beer flights among 11-year-olds? I am not going to say I cried on a ride but my eyes were extremely humid after being tumbled through the dark and suddenly dropped. Post near-death experience and clearing the local Costco of liquor and snacks we headed down to our quaint house in PGA West Golf Course about ten minutes from the festival grounds. 

I was hype as all hell writing my own party guide saying there was so much to do and I was going to be in these streets. I was completely in the bed at 1 am after unloading the car and drained from Disney. Plus it was like a kid on Christmas Eve. Anxiety for Day 1 of Chella. 

 We had people over for a Hennything is possible Taco and Henny Sangria pregame thanks to our in-house mixologist Imani. Several tacos and drinks later the time had come to head to the grounds to hit the fest. We got there in perfect time for Daniel Ceaser and he is amazing live. Between SZA, Black Coffee,  Kygo, my new pick Alison Wonderland, and The Weeknd I felt like I had conquered the day. Saturday was all about Bey of course but Jorja Smith, Snakehips, Party Favor, and the Absolut Tent kept me satisfied until it was time for Queen B.  Silent Disco which doesn't even start until 2 am was the perfect way to end just a bomb ass day. The home stretch of Sunday was the final push mixed with finally making it to Palm Springs for The Do-Over hosted by Adidas and the thousands of steps walked towards the finish line. Sunday was a hard schedule day because of acts such as Miguel, 6LACK, Cardi B, Jidenna, French Montanna, and Migos all being on back to back at stages completely across the grounds from one another. Hard life decisions are certainly made during game time. Migos act was unfortunately cut in fourth because of sound system difficulties so it ended up being a complete mishap before heading to see Eminem. 


If there was anything I learned during Coachella is that shooting your shot absolutely is vital in 2018. I sent emails, followed links, and randomly shot my shot to get into events like Combschella, Vestal Village, and Rihanna's Fenty Pool Party. As many great decisions as I made during the weekend, I completely tweaked and stayed in the house Friday night while my friends went to a mansion party where Nicki Minaj, Chance the Rapper, and more were attending. My body and my feet were not about that life. I also did not get to the Rihanna party and I beat myself up for a solid day.

To be honest, although I called myself a dumbass several times for missing those parties, I enjoyed just being with my friends and hanging out. The festival and the acts are a great experience but the people, my people, are just amazing. Those moments that you look up and see every single person smiling and happy just means so much in this short life of ours. Coachella gave me so much I will never forget, and as much as it hurts to say it's over, it's already time to plan again. 

If you've made it to the end of this and are curious about how to buy tickets and start planning for 2019, get access to my Resource Library for my Free Coachella Part 1 Planning Guide to help you get ready to get to the valley in 2019. 

As always, Stay classy my friends

-Brittany B 

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