20 Essentials for Every Vacation

The new year has been signaled by global warming causing the weather to suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder. You’ve one-two stepped your way back into the office to see that your PTO hours that were standing on their last leg have revived themselves after being stretched to the max in 2018. Let’s admit it…2018 was a crazy year. We all needed (deserved) time apart from us and the world we can’t believe has been a reality since 2016. Flight deals are flying left and right like a middle school food fight. Not to mention we are getting a festival dropped daily and this year they are SNAPPING with the line ups. (Coachella, Broccoli City, Bonnaroo, and Baku Project to name a few) If you are lucky enough to snag one festival tickets or flight deals (or get flewed out. Not judgement here) it means that travel season has officially begun. This also signals that it’s time to shop for everything you need to put in your carry-on bag. (Yes. Carry-on. If you missed it last year, we don’t do checked bags and here is why)

What you put in your bag is just as important as how you pack it. From low-end great buys to higher end luxury items, here are twenty essentials you need with you on every trip. With a push towards circulating the entrepreneurship, I’ve also thrown in some of my favorite minority owned brands that are women and/or Black owned.

The Three S’s: Skincare, Swimwear and Sunglasses.

No matter the destination these three things can always be found in my suitcase. It may seem like a really simple item but all things aren’t created equal. Take into account the weather, activities, and how long you will be gone.

I’ve been a fan of the cult-skincare line the ordinary for three reasons: 1) It works. 2) Affordable A F. Seriously $10 and under Affordable A F 3) It’s already the perfect size for travel but there are tons of options!



Good swimwear is an investment. You can totally snag some great pieces on Amazon, H&M, and other stores a like but may consider buying higher end pieces that are simple and can be worn multiple times. Being completely honest we (I) doing for the gram so I have some pieces that seen the light of day once but others that stay in rotation . Take into account if you will be doing any water activities like ski jets, swimming with dolphins, etc and adjust your swimwear types accordingly.

BFYNE Lex Swimsuit   Black and Women Owned

BFYNE Lex Swimsuit

Black and Women Owned

Mint Swim Juicy Swimsuit   Black and Women Owned

Mint Swim Juicy Swimsuit

Black and Women Owned

Andrea Iyaman Enzo Swimsuit   Black and Women Owned

Andrea Iyaman Enzo Swimsuit

Black and Women Owned


Yes, sunglasses set off your outfit. But they also keep your eyes safe from the sun when you are letting the rays of sun toast you like an almond or you are on an ATV in the desert. Dual purpose equals dual wins.


Chargers, plugs, headphones and routers oh my! If you are traveling stateside then some of these items most certainly won’t apply but they are good to have in your arsenal for you are ready to jet set out of the country.


Outside of regular soap and skincare, there are a variety of hygiene items that can (and really should) be in your bag or packing cube.

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