Black Panther: 7 of My Favorite Moments From the Women of Wakanda

Now that I have seen Marvel's Black Panther not once, but twice I can tell you with out a doubt that it is nothing short of amazing, phenomenal, outstanding, epic, all that and a bag of chips. The nuances of characters and stories alone is way above average of any film that has came out in the last few years in my humble opinion.  Additionally I believe that the increase of black people both in front of and behind the camera as of recent has brought forth a resurgence of the Black Renissance.  We have produced and supported amazing films like Moonlight and Get Out and now we are able to add  Black Panther to the mix. 

Although the story revolved around the protagnoist T'Challa, the women of the film came to slay. The second time around seeing the movie I found myself more attached to their stories and the roles their characters played in the success of the plot.  Here are five  of my favorite moments from the women of Wakanda. 

Body language and the look in your eyes are everything. You can control the room with it


Swag is unmatched but the smile from a black woman to a loved one just touches my soul. 


Don't let anyone ever tell you that women are bad drivers. Clearly we see that is false.  Honestly I already knew this but wanted to put it out there. 


Timing is everything. No matter how you  may feel about not being ready you have been equipped with everything you need to be successful.  Don't doubt yourself. 


When we show up, we show out. Don't mess with the people and/or country that we love. 


We are not our hair. 


Lastly, after you get in formation tell them who runs the world...GIRLS 

Brittany BullockComment