Life of a Busy B: Q & A

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I am a genuine Busy B and like to do the utmost. No fraudulent activity it is just who I am.

If you work full time or work for yourself, or do both like many of us,  there are still commitments to make to friends, family, loved ones, and even yourself requiring you to navigate your musts and wants. The same way I feel that you don't have to choose between being worth knowing and well known is the same way I believe you can work hard and be motivated with whatever you working towards and still have extraordinary experiences that help you grow as a person. 

How do you 9 to Life and still have extraordinary experiences? Here are a few of the top questions I get about trying to do it all:

How do you get everything done?

I don't, lol. Seriously. I make a list of the tasks I have to do daily and prioritize them. I used to burn myself out trying to get my entire list done and it's just not possible. Whatever I don't do today will have to roll over to the next day, and so on and so on

You work full time, have a side-hustle, and are overly social. Do you feel like you're doing things just to do them?

I take a genuine interest in going to do things and meeting people. Almost a walking contradiction to me being an introvert. Before the blog, IG, etc this is just part of who I am. If everything got deleted tomorrow, I would still be at events, finding new places, and traveling. I don't go do things just to write about them. I do dope things and happen to write about it. 

I can look back and say yes there were times I was overdoing it and would just go to go even If I was tired as hell. It was causing too much disruption in my life and it was pointless. So I do things that matter and have the most impact. 

How do you find the energy?

I 100% believe in rest. That sleep when you die thing is for the birds and unreal. Our bodies could literally be dying from not sleeping at our age.  Yes, there are times that I will sacrifice sleep to work on content or travel plans. I may not get done with my corporate job until 8 or 9 pm. I'm pretty good at listening to my body about sitting and slowing down. I can easily be up until 2-3 in the morning working or be in the bed and sleep at 9 pm. I'm well rounded here. 

Does doing all this ever get old?

I know what it's like to have nothing to do and have way too much to do. Usually, when it was way too much to do it felt tiresome because a lot of it was pointless.  When I took a break from my blog earlier this year I felt like all of this was old. There are times when I'm frustrated and I'm like DELETE ALL THIS SHIT PIGGY (does anyone remember that video or just me?) it's like with anything you do. You won't always like it but if you love it, it works out. 

Do you ever say no?

ABSOLUTELY. I have to, for my sanity. I have my non-negotiable times/days where I don't schedule anything, don't want to do anything, etc that is outside of the realm of what I want to do.  No has been one of my favorite words of 2018 next to tacos. 

What are your top tips for prioritizing

  • If you make everything a priority, nothing is
  • Work your way down. I start with things I must do that day, need to do, and things I can knock out earlier. I highlight everything so I know what category it falls in. 
  • Making things a priority also means you have to sacrifice. I'll see my friends at dinner or happy hour and I'll be home or at a coffee shop working late. You won't make every brunch, day party, event. Recognize that early on.