Four Days in 4 Ways in The Big Easy

“How did you fall in love with New Orleans? At once, madly. Looking back, sometimes I think it was predestined.”

Andrei Codrescu


At the age of twenty-two I gifted myself an item my family had refused to give me… a passport. Partially in fear of letting me leave their sight but more so not having the financial ability to send me abroad, traveling was limited to co theme parks close in proximity and back to the South where my family had grown its roots before migrating north. I made myself a promise that I didn’t want to live my life yielding to the constraints of my upbringing. I wanted more for myself and was able to fund my own lifestyle with no help from anyone. Several years, countries, and miles later my infatuation with experiencing what was once out of reach has led me half-way across the world and back but yet I hate to say that I never stepped foot in New Orleans. The bloodline of my family is entrenched with the breathe of those who made their playgrounds in Louisiana and Mississippi. The juxtapositions of cultures that grace our family tree are something I know something and nothing about at the same time. Each year I had told myself I was making it to New Orleans and every single year time evaded me. This year it was a must so that I could see two of my favorite people tie the knot in a city they loved so dearly and one I wanted to meet.

Day 1- The Intro

Walking into what I learned was a normal night on Bourbon Street, the live jazz bands on the corner laced with hearty accents easily consume you drawing you closer to the city. The French quarter was bustling with people dancing in the streets and hopping from Bar to Bar. We ended up at a bar called The Swamp which served stiff drinks for minimal costs. With it being located in the thick of the mix, it’s easy to jump to several of the other watering holes around. The bartenders also love to grab people off the streets offering shots that are taken from lab style tubes filled with cheap liquor. * it happened to me and I enjoyed it *

Day 2-The Pregame

Our hotel was located right on the edge of French Quarter a little further down on Bourbon street about a 10 minute walk sober and 8 minutes with alcohol energy. We gathered at Daisy Dukes from Brunch for the $16 bottomless hurricanes. To be honest the food was average at best. A few other people Muriel’s and Acme as better options.

We spent the afternoon jumping from bar to bar in the French Quarter. You really can’t go wrong wondering around and just dipping off in bars. Swing by the Absinthe House to get a powerful cocktail in one of the oldest buildings on Bourbon before heading to Razoo or the Spirit on Mason.

We finished the night at the Bride and Groom’s welcome party at The Tchoup Yard which is like an indoor/outdoor bar with live music and games.

Day 3-The Party

Day Three was all about the wedding which was AMAZING. The couple picked a classic jazz hall as their backdrop for the ceremony and the reception. The open bar was completed by having a beignet truck from the famous Cafe Du Monde stationed outside prior to hopping on trolley’s for the second line parade. We started off at Laffitie’s Blacksmith Shop before partying down the streets with police escorts to celebrate the newlyweds. A five block walk put us right back into the French Quarter to close out the night

Day 4 - The Finale

By now a normal person would be tired of the immense amount of drinks and food, however my friends aren’t normal. They are extraordinary exceptional people. Most of us didn’t have flights until later that night leaving eh only appropriate action was to brunch. We had to shift from the original plan of dining at Cafe Fleur De Lis due to party size and opted for The Governor Seafood & Oyster Bar for $12 bottomless mimosas that ran from noon to 4 pm. We ended up back on Bourbon for one last time for hand grenades double cups. We grabbed Willie’s Shack to take with us to head back to regular life in our prospective cities.

New Orleans still leaves a lot to offer and I have the same energy to give back. The richness of the city was easy for me to fall in love and want more. I had a feeling of warmth and comfort of being in a place that was unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. It felt good, it was golden. I can’t say when I will return to NOLA but I know that it has its grasp on me and the jazz is still calling.

I made a special guide for the wedding party and guest with suggestions of places to see. Here are some of the suggestions that were in the #MWITULOVE Wedding Guide to see in New Orleans while you are there as well as a few links to Airbnb’s and Hotels.


bars and nightlife

Courtyard Brewery

Hot Tin



Bar Toniuqe

Kermit’s Treme Mother-in-law Lounge

The Victorian Lounge

Arnaud’s French 75


Carousel Bar

Molly’s on Market

Bacchanal Wine

Courtyard Brewery



Mr. B’s Bistro


Willie Maes

Pat O’Briens

Cafe Du Monde

Parkway Po Boy

Ruby Slipper




The Camelia Grill

Wakin Bakin



Biscuits and Buns on Banks

Please U





New Orleans Walking Cocktail Tour

New Orleans City Tour

Bayou/Swamp Tour

City of the Dead Tour

Plantation Tour

St. Louis Cemetery

Jackson Square

City Park

New Orleans Jazz Museum

Aquarium of America

Napoleon House

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