5 Apps For Elite Airport Travel

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Summer is winding down but our lifestyles have us catching flights no matter the season. From living in airports for work or jet-setting domestically to internationally with friends, we all look for ways to navigate our travel plans. You’ve either overspent days or mere seconds packing your carry-on (team no checked bags for life) and getting your essentials in order. As complicated as things get with careers, passion projects, side hustles and in just general living, we often look for ways to make at least one thing easier in the midst of chaos. Rushing to your next gate or from the airport to your Uber doesn’t always leave adequate time to grab what we need.

Here are five of my favorite apps to use when traveling around the US or abroad.

Mobile Passport


If you’re accustomed to customs * YE Voice* you are either blessed with no line or one that feels like an eternity. Mobile Passport has came in the clutch allowing me at times to get through customs lines quicker than Global Entry. Limited to 26 points of entry around the US, it isn’t as widely accepted as Global entry, however the app is free.99 if you are ok with retyping in all of your passport data or $14.99 per year if you would like to save it all.



MyTSA uses both crowd-sourced and historical data to provide travelers with information about TSA wait times as well as FAQs about what you can or can not bring through security. They have integrated the system to also allow you to request live assistance from TSA agents. If you don’t travel much or usually check bags this app can help get you started in the right direction.



I happen to be one of those travelers who arrives to the airport just in enough time to walk directly to the gate and board the flight. I typically arrive 15-20 minutes before boarding starts unless I’ve decided to head over early and sit in the lounge until it’s time to get to the gate (I don’t suggest this if you don’t have Pre-check/Clear, are checking a bag or your flight is heavy travel time. If you miss your flight I am not to blame). However, if I happen to have a layover and the powers that be have decided to make my departure gate FAR AF, there really isn’t much time to sit, look for food and wait in line. Grab allows you to place your order at a local airport restaurant and skip the line with a typical pick up time of 10-15 minutes. If you are hungry and need to check in your gate as soon as you get through TSA you can order it while walking through security and grab it on the way.


lounge buddy.jpg

Extended waiting times before boarding your flight or between locations can leave you searching for wifi, charging station and optimal seating. A number of credit cards with perks such as my personal favorite the Chase Sapphire Reserve include access to various airport lounges with more comfortable settings and complimentary drinks. Lounge Buddy not only allows you to make reservations online but also allows you to connect your credit cards to check for available perks.



On my trip to the Cayman Islands last year, we found out there was no duty free shop once we landed. Our layover wasn’t long but left us time to get food and browse the shop for a few minutes. Prior to the trip I stumbled upon something that I never knew … there is a whole app to get your products delivered to the gate and avoid the store all together. It also tells you the parameters of how much alcohol (because we know that’s what we are all doing here) that you can buy to bring with you. An attendant is at your gate with your order, you show your ID and board the plane. It’s really that simple.

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